As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Libra emerge as hot issues, ‘blockchain’, which is the basis of cryptocurrency, is once again emerging as a core technology in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.
US investment guru Mark Mobius predicts that gold prices will continue to rise in the long run due to the easing of monetary policy by central banks and the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Mobius told a Bloomberg TV interview on Friday that “gold will rise in the long run."

Recently, due to the uncertainty of the international situation, the sentiment of investing in gold, a safe asset, has increased, and digital asset funds are cruising.

In particular, Japan’s export restrictions on Korea and the instability of Korea’s stock market due to the termination of the branch’s lost children have raised concerns about the global economic recession caused by the trade war between China and the United States. The gold futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 16.81 percent over three months to $ 1545.9 an ounce.

On the same day, the spot price of the Korea Exchange rose to KRW5,9940 / g, up 19.76% over three months, with the price of gold increasing steadily, and the price of gold in recent years has peaked. In addition, the three-month return of the ETF Korea Investment KINDEX Gold Futures Leverage ETF and Mirae Asset TIGER Gold Futures ETF based on gold futures prices were 34.5% and 15.81%, respectively.

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Business model

· What is the Gold Change Business?

❖ Mongolia has over 3,000 licensed mines and hundreds of thousands of other individuals Produces.
❖ We have a license issued by the National Central Bank Treasure Foundation of Mongolia
❖ Because we have this license, we purchase gold from many people and companies
      It is a system to make money by selling to the central bank of Mongolia.
❖ Gold Distribution Certificate issued by the Central Bank of Mongolia As of November 17, 2017, it was issued as No. 16.
     (Including Mongolian Commercial Bank)
Most licenses are owned by commercial banks.
    As of November 17, 2017, I own this license.
❖ Because this license is only issued to foreign general companies,
    It has the advantage that there is no big competition.
❖ If you buy gold and sell it to the central bank the next day, it will end.
    There is little risk.

Gold Change Schematic

1. Purchase gold in various forms.                                   2. Melt gold and make gold                                                3.I measure purity with a purity meter


A. Particle Grinding, Micronization Process
1. Feed the ore through the conveyor.
2. Add lime to increase the pH of the ore.
3. Put the ore into the crusher and grind it.
4 ~ 5. Water and steel balls are added and the grinder is rotated to make the ore into a slurry.
6 ~ 11. The rotary sieve removes impurities and extracts fine particles through acentrifuge.
12 ~ 13. Iron workers are pulled out using magnets, and large ores are filtered out and put back into the grinder.
B. Leaching, Absorption Process
1 ~ 2. Chemical solution is added to the sludge to dissolve the gold and silver.
3 ~ 4. Passing the carbon tank allows the carbon to absorb gold and silver.If high temperature carbon of about 600 degrees is injected into the sludge opposite direction, In the process of sludge and carbon migration, most of the gold and silver combine with carbon.
5. Sludge, almost free of gold and silver, is sent to a separate storage facility.
6. Carbon with gold and silver “stored” is sent to the elution process.
This process uses heated steam to separate gold and silver from carbon. This process is repeated and the filtered gold and silver are sent to the electrolysis process.
C. Electrolysis Process
1 ~ 2. The eluate is electrolyzed. Gold and silver through electrolysis It is attached to the stainless steel cathode.
3 ~ 8. After drying, it is put in a furnace.After heating several hours at 1200 degrees, they are placed in molds to form gold bars.Each bullion is composed of 99% pure gold and silver, usually 75-90% silver and It is made up of 10-25% gold.Gold bars are sent to refineries, which are then electrolyzed to refine the gold.